~ Bringing beauty, enjoyment and investment value to you through fine art ~

Art consultation

For many, choosing art for your home or business environment can be a daunting process.  The best place to start is to base your decision on what you love and resonate with.  All other details will then become secondary.  On site consultations make the process easier.

Artist representation

In addition to the artists shown on the website, other works may be obtained through artist and gallery connections, should you be looking for a particular piece, genre, or work by a certain artist. 

Art studio visits

Private studio visits may be arranged in certain instances to personally view a wider selection of the artists work.

Art valuation

Expert appraisals may be obtained upon request to assist in insuring your valuable art.

Certificates of authenticity

A letter or certificate is important for insurance purposes, and for tracking the provenance (history of ownership) of a piece of art.  This is particularly true for important historical works.  Certificates may be obtained upon request.

Delivery and placement recommendations

Delivery of your art is important, as is how and where best to display it.  Utmost care and attention will be given to ensure the safe arrival and placement of your new acquisitions.

Framing consultation

Choice of a frame, or in some cases no frame at all can make a vast difference to the look and feel of a piece of art. Recommendations can help you find the most complementary way to display your valued art, based on your own taste and budget.

Gallery liaison

With numerous gallery and artist connections, the time and work involved in finding just the right piece of art, or a particular artist whose work you would like to obtain can be greatly minimized.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates make art acquisition personal for the recipient.  Certificates are available in whatever amount you choose.  Any balance for the artwork chosen over and above the gift certificate amount is the responsibility of the recipient.

Worldwide shipping

For clients outside of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland,  artwork is packed with the utmost care, and shipped via reliable courier, or Canada Post Express.  Particularly fragile and larger pieces are professionally packed and shipped.